Walker & Nicole’s Gorgeous Wedding in New Orleans

On January 17, 2019, Walker and Nicole were brought together in joyous union, celebrated by their loved ones. Her family was incredibly loving and kind, so it came as no shock to us when worked with Nicole and found out she was no different. From the first email she sent us, her sweet personality was evident, and we knew from that moment that working with her would be just as awesome.

It only made sense to get married in New Orleans the city that celebrates with you! Its atmosphere lends itself to hospitality and joyous living, all while being a work of art in and of itself. The Arbor Room at Popp Foundation in City Park represents our city well and was an amazing venue for medium and larger sized weddings. For all of you future brides out there, Arbor Room is a great choice for your special day. The staff was amazing and the food was sooo delicious!!

Everyone at Tone Weddings enjoyed making Nicole and Walker’s day special, but we didn’t do it alone. Catherine Guidry provided the newlyweds with stunning photos that will be used to make this day last forever. She’s an incredible partner, and we are so thankful for her influence in our craft! If you’re looking for someone fun, professional, and incredibly talented, check her out.

Nicole’s review of her special day speaks volumes! Thank you so much for this beautiful review ❤️

“Ben and Tone Weddings are INCREDIBLE!!!!! Hiring a videographer was not in our original wedding plan. We LOVED the idea of having a wedding video to cherish for years to come, but all of the videos we watched felt a little too much for us. THEN, WE FOUND TONE PRODUCTIONS ON Instagram! We instantly fell in love with their casual, beautiful and real cinematography … it felt like you knew the couple by the end of the video. Nothing felt overly staged and every video you could just feel the real moments of the day. We set up a call with Ben immediately and booked him 🙂 If you are looking for the videographer who will produce an incredible film and will feel like family by the end of the wedding – HIRE BEN NOW! My husband and I planned our whole wedding out of state so we did a lot of research online…Ben and Tone Productions capture a different kind of magic. Ben’s personality fit perfectly with my husband and I. He was so relaxed, has SUCH a passion for life and wedding videos and loves what he does. We hired Ben not only for our wedding but for our rehearsal too! Ben made our day SO special. Ben and Tone Weddings are a DREAM 🙂 We are so lucky we found them :)” 

Read the review on The Knot.

Luke & Milli’s Gorgeous Wedding in New Orleans

From champagne to chandeliers, this couple chose the musical streets of New Orleans, Louisiana to dance on as the joyously step in the adventure that awaits them! It was such a magical day for Lucas and Milli, a beautiful couple to match the beauty of the city in which they chose to be married. 

We were glad to be able to see this day go down in history, and even more thrilled to be chosen to capture it so that it last a lifetime. As a New Orleans Videography company, we want to make our city a place where you can shine on your special day, and have a fun doing it.

We weren’t alone in making this day special. A huge shoutout to Tomas Bistro for being a the sweetest staff and best food! It was such an honor to capture such beautiful people in such a beautiful place! You could be next, what are you waiting for?

Taylor & Gary’s beautiful wedding at Metairie Country Club

On June 9, 2018, the couple that found themselves reflecting on the many names they’ve carried as people, took their first step on the journey of bearing the title of husband and wife. It was in the beautiful Metairie Country Club that Taylor and Gary said I do, both to the dance floor that night, and the many dances they will share as they live out their joyous union. 

Many people shared in celebrating Taylor and Gary’s big day, and we at Tone Weddings were glad to be some of them! We enjoy making sure that your special day is one for the books, and to be your choice of a New Orleans Wedding Videography company would only give us more chances to do what we love, where we love it! It is always an honor to be apart of the puzzle, and we weren’t alone in this! We always love collaborating with other vendors as well, so check out the links below so that you can find people just like us who want to make your special day go down in history!

Videography | Tone Weddings Venue | Metairie Country Club  Band | GROOVY 7. Photography | Catherine Guidry  MUA | Melissa Vaccaro  Dress | Custom Linocarlo DressHair | Beth WashingtonGroom’s Tux | New Orleans TuxedoLimo | Audubon Limousine  Wedding Planner | Camilo Restrepo

Natalie & Tony

For some of us, eloping is just a fantasy, but not to Tony and Natalie. Where many couples wish the sometimes excruciating period of engagement could just be over, some couples take the bull by the horns and just dive right into the next chapter of life, and that’s exactly what Tony and Natalie did! We got to join them as they began their grand adventure, with nothing between them but hugs and kisses as they made New Orleans their stomping grounds for the start of an adventure! We are so grateful to get to do what we love, where we love to do it, and we are grateful for Tony and Natalie for letting us in on their big day! Congratulations you two!

Well everyone, elopement is always an option, and we are always ready to cater to the needs of your big day! Let Tone Weddings film your special day, whether you’re dancing in a venue or on the streets, we want to be their to make sure you big day is one that all who are in  attendance will remember! If you’re in NOLA, look us up!

A huge shout out to Simply Eloped for making Tony and Natalie’s big day run without a hitch! If you are planning to elope anywhere in the World, they got you covered!

Christian & Kristen

Christian and Kristen, a dynamic duo who enjoyed dancing into the newness of life as they began their journey of marriage. They celebrated their new union at  The Balcony Ballroom. Joined by many loving family and friends, they were sent off into the world with joyous hearts and smiling faces! Congratulations to Christian and Kristen on their wedding!

We were so honored to be apart of capturing their big day, and we’d love to capture yours as well! We know how important it is make life-long memories, so let us help you make sure that you’re wedding goes down in history and stays there!

We were not alone in this amazing endeavor to make Christian and Kristen’s wedding a great time. Thanks to all of the other vendors who added such amazing value to this day, and made capturing worth while. Check them out for your own wedding, and be sure to contact us at Tone Productions, your New Orleans Videography/Photography company.

Vendors: Videography | Tone Weddings Photography | Stacy Marks Band | Boogiemen Prep Hotel |New Orleans Marriott

Taylor & Stephen’s gorgeous wedding in Panama City, FL

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow”, said the hearts of Taylor and Stephen as they approached the throne of grace to begin walking in  the covenant of Marriage, both with God and their many family and friends a witnesses to a day that will go down in history. We were so thrilled to join them as they turned the page to the next chapter of life together, and we got to capture every moment of it! A huge thank you to Taylor and Stephen for choosing Tone Production as their videographer.

Do you want your special day to be one for the books? Check us out at Tone Weddings, your New Orleans wedding videographer to capture your special day. As you can see, we’re also not limited in our travel capabilities either. Let us know if you are planning to go on a journey to the journey of marriage, we’ll be there every step of the way!

A huge shoutout to all the vendors that we got to share with in making Taylor and Stephen’s day go all according to plan. If you’re planning your wedding, check out these vendors, as well as us at Tone Production to make your day one for the books.

VENDORS: Wedding Planner | Christy Crisp McCoy Photography | Caroline Horne Photography Band | The Blues Factor Band Flowers | McCoy StudiosChristy Crisp McCoy MUA | Katelyn Brock Long Hair | 3 Little Black BirdsKayla Jade Grubbs Dress | Simply Elegant Bridal Cake | Publix

Alex & Emily

Talk about a party! These newly weds wanted to make sure that their big day was one for the history books! They arrived with joy in their hearts into a new chapter of life, and they were joined by all of their loving family and friends. We were glad to be among them to capture such a beautiful sight. We are incredibly grateful to Alex and Emily for inviting us into their lives! Also a huge shout to their venue, Marché! A stunning venue for a stunning celebration of two wonderful people.

Let us know how we can make your big day go down in history as well! Tone Weddings is here for you as your New Orleans Videographer, and we do our best to make a big deal of your big day.

We weren’t alone in our efforts to see Alex and Emily start their journey off in style! Check out these amazing vendors, and keep them in mind as you plan your wedding! Check us out at Tone Production, and let us know how we can capture just how awesome your big day really is!

VENDORS: Photo | Ashley Marks Photography Band | Boogie Falaya Flowers | Nola-Flora MUA | Makeupbymegan 

Heather & Alex

The Covenant of Marriage means exactly what it says. It is a covenant, a promise to love unconditionally the person you have chosen to marry, regardless of the difficulty which approaches your life together. Knowing this, Alex and Heather chose to step into this adventure together, with the witness of their family and friends, as they gathered together to celebrate their new union at the Southern Oaks Plantation. The days was filled with flowers as white and fresh as the love between this new couple. We were excited to be apart of capturing this day! Thanks to Alex and Heather for choosing us.

Just as they made a promise, we’ve made one as well. A promise to make sure that we capture your special day as one that go down in history! As your choice of New Orleans Wedding Videography, you have us all day, so that we can make sure you enjoy your day.

We weren’t alone in making the day of Alex and Heather’s wedding special. Thanks to all of the other vendors that made this day go down in history. If you’re planning your wedding, check them out as well, and don’t forget to let us in on the joy!

Vendors: Videography | Tone Weddings Photography | VMA Photography MUA | Christian Jewelry Flowers | Nola Flora Venue | Southern Oaks Plantation Prep Hotel | Le Pavillon Hotel & Loews New Orleans Hotel

Sadie & Jarren

There was nothing more pure and vibrant than the wedding day of Sadie and Jarren. On October 19, 2018, this lovely couple pledged before God and their friends and family to be example of love that last, for the entire world to see. Sadie was so great to work with as a bride, from the first time we met to the day of the wedding, her vibrant personality definitely made its way into the telling of their story.

The place they were married at was the White Magnolia located in Kentwood, LA. This is a great destination if you’re planning a wedding away from home, and want a good taste of life in the South. One of the many great features of this venue is the way it was built. The owners of this venue carved out all of the wood to build this barn-style building by hand and even aged the wood on their own! Such amazing dedication to quality and southern hospitality can be found at the the White Magnolia.

This is an ideal venue for all of you newlyweds seeking good aesthetics in your photos. The White Magnolia has amazing outdoor space for your ceremony right by the lake, with its all-white scheme it gives a fresh and open feel to your ceremony and depending on the time you can catch quite an amazing sunset. After all, it’s your day, why not make as beautiful as it feels!

It was such a joy to work with White Magnolia, and it was our pleasure to help share the story of such a wonderful couple as Sadie and Jarren were.

Vanessa & Brenton

News reporter Vanessa Herring has told many stories and made many a news report, but her wedding day is truly a story she won’t forget. She and her husband Brenton were married in New Orleans, Louisiana, and got to see just what it was like to let the good times roll! With a wedding that’s located in the heart of the French Quarter, you can experience the color and vibrancy of the heart of New Orleans with its beautiful architecture and local markets! But no New Orleans wedding would be complete without the musical staple that is native to historical New Orleans, the Second Line.


Wedding Second Lines are street dances that are accompanied by a traditional Jazz Band. They have their roots in the 19th century when local fraternities and other organizations would provide the necessities to those who needed to arrange funerals. It was a way of celebrating the lives of those who have passed on, and now it celebrates the liveliness of the many good times that take place here in New Orleans. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to have a good New Orleans Second Line Band like the Young Pinstripe, Kin Folk, and Big Fun.

Vanessa and Brenton were awesome to work with. Along with their friends and family, they really had a joyful celebration, which is pretty indicative that you got married in New Orleans.

Wedding Venue | Mazarin Hotel




Ijeoma & Winston

Gold trim and a good time  with family and friends makes for a great wedding! Oh, and did we mention it was an African Style Wedding? Wow, what an amazing opportunity to get to share such a special day with Ijeoma and Winston. We are so grateful to get to capture their wedding, and we even got to work with one of our favorite wedding planners – Fresh Johnson!